Pacojet Experience

We appreciate the feedback received from our clients – whether praise, creative recipe ideas or suggested future enhancements. Many of the comments have been truly inspiring; as they express just what a difference Pacojet has made to their quality of life. Examples:

Care Institute Chefs

Comments from caregivers

“Now that they’re getting the nutrition and calories they need…patients seem brighter, more energetic than before.”

“They’re eating more because they enjoy it more.”

“It’s so much easier to help someone eat meals that look like normal food.”

“…a clever way to increase dietary fibre…”

“…this completely new processing technology not only produces intense, natural flavours – we are also able to offer a variety of menus because the preparation is so quick and easy.  It preserves the original nutrient level of the whole foods, which, from a psychological perspective, leaves nothing to be desired.”

Plating Meals

Comments from care recipients

“Food quality was a key factor in my choice of nursing home.  Here I have cooking I enjoy.”

“Now I can eat the same nice meals as my tablemates.”

“I never imagined soft food could be so tasty… as if I picked right from the garden.”

“I have a very small stomach, so eating enough is hard for me.  It’s a relief to have appealing meals where I don’t have to eat huge amounts to keep my weight up.”

“…a godsend – thank you.”