What Chefs are saying

Chefs specializing in care catering are increasingly recognizing the Pacojet as an indispensable and versatile aid in preparing all types of diets:


Andreas Lorbeck, Head Chef, Haus Wartenberg Nursing and Special Care Home

“You can prepare a thickened version of your regular meal plan instead of having to prepare a special meal.”

“This (Pacojet) system allows you to serve fresh produce all the time, without having to account for spoilage of expensive ingredients.”

“As a universal aid for chopping herbs, making farces, pastes, bases, fruit sauces, ice cream or spice pastes, the Pacojet will quickly find its place in the kitchen and in the hearts of workers.”

Rolf Caviezel

Rolf Caviezel, Catering Chef, Hospitals and Residential Care Homes

“In my opinion, the biggest advantage is the taste.  Pacotizing intensifies the natural aromas of fresh vegetables, ripe fruit and selected herbs, while frozen storage of the pacotizing beakers guarantees long-term freshness and intense flavours.”

“Introducing the Pacojet to my process served to streamline operations in the kitchen, save time and costs and make the most of foodstuffs.”

Roland Manz

Roland Manz retd.,former Head Chef, University Hospital of Lausanne

“In summary, the Pacojet improves the diet kitchen:

  • Because even foods that were taboo in the diet kitchen up until now can be processed.
  • Because it opens a whole new world of flavours, making it possible to dispense with added salt and sugar.
  • Because the excellent consistency of pacotized foods makes them visually appealing – at times our biggest dilemma in the diet kitchen.”