Pacojet Bread Variation

Bread Variation

Rolf Caviezel; Recipe for 1 Pacotizing Beaker.


Step 1: Filling the Pacotizing Beaker

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

(1) Cut the sandwich bread into pieces, (2) mix all ingredients, (3) pour into a pacotizing beaker and (4) freeze at -22°C / -8°F for at least 24 hours. (5) Pacotize twice to make the base recipe.

Step 2: Preparing the Pacotized Menu; 6 - 30 Portions

Cream: (1) Gently heat 100 g of the base recipe, (2) thicken with gelling agent as desired and (3) serve.

Flan: (1) Mix 100 g of the base recipe with 50 g milk, (2) use a hand blender to add 3 g agar, (3) under constant stirring bring to boil, (4) pour into cooking moulds and (5) allow the mixture to cool. If preferred, use gellan instead of agar.

Foam: (1) Fold 200 g of the base recipe under 50 g of egg whites and 20 g of mascarpone, (2) stir until smooth, (3) pour into a siphon and (4) foam.

Ingedients per Pacotizing Beaker

45 g Sandwich bread without crust
65 g Quark
55 g Melted butter
300 g Milk
100 g Heavy cream
40 g Honey