The Basics

Pacotizing Beaker with strawberries
Strawberrie Sorbet

When less is more

For dessert, prepare delicious sorbets made from fresh fruit. Just pacotize and serve.

Ask any top chef about their secrets to success, and they will tell you never to over-cook or over-process your food.  Best results are obtained from the natural aromas and flavours of fresh produce, meat and fish. A Pacojet allows you to provide garden-fresh quality to your clients year-round at the touch of a button:

  • Purchase produce in season at its peak ripeness and lowest price.
  • Place in a beaker with liquid.
  • Freeze the beaker to -22° C (-8° F) for at least 24 hours.
  • Pacotize portions as needed.

The result is a velvety-smooth texture without any filaments that can be heated, thickened and seasoned as desired and set in a cooking form (e.g. meat, fish, peas, carrots) for a realistic look. Food does not lose its shape when reheated for serving.