Swiss Precision Engineering

Pacojet 2

The Pacojet 2 is made from highest quality components to ensure outstanding performance and reliability. It has been designed for ease of use, featuring intuitive controls and a range of practical functions:

  • Colour graphic display and touchscreen with user-friendly icons.
  • Whole and decimal portions – perfect for precise quantities.
  • Optional air pressure mode with automatic depressurization: pressure release during a processing cycle possible.
  • Overfill rescue function – senses and recovers overfilled beaker contents automatically without need to thaw.
  • Complete cleaning cycle shown on the display – visual guidance for simple and hygienic cleaning of the machine.
  • Special programs for processing fresh, non-frozen foods with the Pacojet Coupe Set (sold seperatly):
    -Cutting/Chopping – for tartar, farces, herbs, etc.
    -Mixing/Whipping – for liquid foods
  • Customization of user settings – customize your Pacojet 2 to fit your preferences and needs.
  • Exclusive, Swiss engineered brushless motor with an extended 5 year warranty.

The Pacojet 2 Cooking System

The Pacojet 2 Cooking System


  • Pacojet 2 System
  • Pacotizing Blade
  • Spray Guard
  • Pacotizing Beakers (2) with white Lids
  • Outer Protective Beaker
  • Chrome Steel Spatula
  • Instruction Manual
  • International Recipe Book
  • Cleaning Kit:
    -Blue Washing Insert 
    -Blue Sealing Ring
    -Green Rinsing Ring