Reinventing Care Catering

Pacotizing plums

Fresh ideas

More than ever before, hospital- and nursing-care kitchens are being called upon to tailor their menu offerings in recognition of special needs. Care recipients with special dietary requirements pose a unique challenge to chefs: how to prepare a meal that will entice someone with eating challenges through:

  • Appealing presentation.
  • Tempting aromas.
  • Wonderful taste and textures.

Chefs in special-care facilities require both creativity and the right tools. A Pacojet allows kitchen teams to prepare market fresh foods in seconds; making pre-processed foods and strained, overcooked ingredients a thing of the past. How? With a Pacojet:

  • Produce is fresh frozen, pacotized and served.
  • All edible parts of an each ingredient can be used (e.g. apple peels), providing valuable nutrients which would be lost through straining.
  • No filaments remain, producing light and fluffy textures from even the most fibrous vegetables and meats.
  • Optimal freshness and hygiene are maintained by freezing and storing in sealed Pacojet beakers.

At the touch of a button, you can:

  • Prepare purees, foams, finger foods, soups, farces, mousses and desserts.
  • Pacotize directly for service or for mise en place.