Quality Care

Pacojet braised beef, broccoli and carrot Plate

Traditionally special diets for hospital patients or care facility residents have often consisted of an unappetizing mash or puree. Such colourless fare does little to stimulate the appetite, and can contribute to a decline in health.

Research shows that wholesome ingredients are vital to long-term fitness and well-being. Today’s dietary trends are evolving to address a wide range of health concerns: Mediterranean, vegetarian, whole-foods, gluten-free, etc. However, providing diners who have chewing or swallowing difficulties with meals that are both nutritious and appealing remains a challenge.

A Pacojet is the ultimate food preparation tool for care catering because it allows chefs to:

  • Create customized diets to meet individual needs in terms of nutrition, taste and consistency.
  • Make mealtime a daily pleasure for diners by serving delicious cuisine – rich in colour, flavour, and aroma?
  • Offer a varied menu of high-quality meals that are both appealing and easy to eat
  • Manage budget restrictions through efficient food preparation and effective utilization of foodstuffs.