Powerful Features

Designed and engineered in Switzerland, the Pacojet 2 is a masterful professional tool for the care catering kitchen.  With precision technology, it micro-purees fresh, deep-frozen produce and meats in seconds into a velvety smooth texture suitable for virtually any special diet.  The Pacojet System captures the vital nutrients, flavours and colours of foods straight from the garden, so you can create enticing and delicious meals with a minimum of effort.

Multi Beaker


  • Serve your regular meal to all diners (including those with special needs), simply by customizing the consistency.
  • Create complete meals from fresh ingredients for diners with chewing and swallowing difficulties.
  • Prepare ultra-light mousses, aromatic soups, sauces, pastes, fillings, ice creams and sorbets without thawing.
Plating Flan

Quick and convenient

  • Prepare 50 special dietary meals in just 2.5 hours, taking advantage of off-peak times when the kitchen is not busy.
  • Pacotize one portion in 20 seconds or an entire beaker (10-15 portions) in less than 4 minutes.
  • Use only the portions you need – the rest goes back in the freezer for later.
Pacojet 2

Compact, portable and hygienic

  • Fits in any kitchen with no special installation needed.
  • Fast and easy to clean – 1 minute per automatic cleaning cycle.