Pacojet Coupe Set

Pacojet Coupe Set

In order to prepare a variety of special diets quickly and efficiently, it is essential to have the right tools at your fingertips. The Pacojet Coupe Set extends the Pacojet’s versatility from fresh-frozen to fresh, non-frozen foods:

  • Meat or fish
  • Fruits and vegetables 
  • Nuts, herbs and spices
  • Dairy products and eggs

In just 60 seconds, it turns non-frozen foods such as meat or fish  into a fine farce  with no filaments, suitable for the preparation of a dysphagia diet.

Pacotizing Beaker Coupe Set before and after


  • Versatile: processes all types of solids and liquids (e.g. meat, vegetables, dairy) to desired consistency.
  • Hygienic: doesn’t generate heat from friction or motor when grinding fresh meats and fish, ensuring temperature requirements are kept and preserving freshness and colour.
  • No cross contamination: Blade retracts automatically back to starting position above the beaker after processing – no messy removal of bottom content needed.
  • No over processing: rotates homogeneously from top downward through entire beaker contents.
  • No fluid separation: gently passes through herbs and spices.
  • Fast: processes entire contents in one minute.


Cut, chop, mince, mix, blend and whip fresh non-frozen foods – all at the touch of a button.  Place produce (e.g. fish, meat, herbs, fruit, vegetables, spices, cream, egg whites, milk, etc.) into a Pacojet beaker, choose an attachment from the Pacojet Coupe Set, mount the attachment and the filled Pacojet beaker onto the Pacojet machine and press start.

  • Pureeing / mincing for filament-free meat- of fish farces and produce.
  • Cutting / chopping for tartar, herbs, nuts, vegetables etc.
  • Mixing / whipping for liquid foods.
  • Creaming / foaming for aromatized creams, shakes etc.
Pacojet Coupe Set Whipping Disk

Accessories included

The Pacojet Coupe Set includes an instruction Manual and the following:

Whipping Disk:

  • Whip cream and egg whites
  • Mix foams and smoothies
  • Prepare mousses and shakes
  • Aromatize butters
Pacojet Coupe Set 2-Blade Cutter

2-Blade Cutter: for course textures

  • Prepare tartars (fish or meat - no bones)
  • Chop nuts, herbs and vegetables
  • Mix doughs and butters
  • Blend soups
Pacojet Coupe Set 4-Blade Cutter

4-Blade Cutter: for fine textures

  • Finely chopped vegetables
  • Spice rubs and concentrates
  • Farces
  • Mousses
  • Purees
Cutter Tongs

Cutter Tongs: Lets you safely affix the cutter blades