Innovative Solutions

Pacojet 2 Cooking System with basil

The future of care cuisine

Pacojet is a revolutionary cooking system that enables chefs to ‘micro-puree’ fresh deep-frozen foods into an ultra-smooth mousse, cream or sauce without thawing. This unique food-preparation method is called 'pacotizing'.

A Pacojet is ideally suited to health-care kitchens because it enables chefs to:

  • Create premium-quality cuisine within seconds that conforms to special care requirements:
  • Dysphagia diet.
  • Bland diet.
  • Whole food diet.
  • Diets low in salt, cholesterol or sugar.
  • Prepare enticing meals with natural colours, intense aromas and delicious flavours – to tempt the palate of even the smallest appetite.
  • Modify the meal’s consistency from finely chopped to purees to foams, based on degree of swallowing difficulty.

Pacojet's unique technology of 'pacotizing' creates ultra-fine textures, making it the ideal tool for dysphagia diets:

  • Smoothest consistency without pre-cooking; valuable nutrients retained.
  • Natural colours, intensive aromas and superb flavour; less need for added seasoning.
  • Recipe base can be easily adapted to produce desired meal variations.
  • Portions can be made as desired.