Hygiene Standards

Pacojet Cleaning Kit
Pacotizing Beak in Freezer

Meet health and safety requirements with Pacojet

Care catering is subject to strict regulatory requirements. In particular, HACCP standards must be met in accordance with the 4 C’s: Cooking, Cross-contamination, Chilling, Cleaning.

Maintaining the ‘cold chain’

The Pacojet processes fresh food in a frozen state without breaking the cold chain.

  • Fresh produce or meat is frozen in beakers topped up with a liquid at  -22° C
    (-8°F) for at least 24 hours before pacotizing. 
  • When preparing meals, frozen contents are pacotized directly in the beaker. 
  • Unused beaker contents are placed back into the freezer (without thawing) for use at a later time.

Maintaining optimal temperatures when thickening or regenerating

Pacotized foods enable kitchen teams to prepare hot or cold meals that are both delicious and visually-appealing.

  • Pacotized contents are placed in a saucepan with additional ingredients (such as stock, cream, or caloric additives) and heated to the required temperature.  A thickening agent is added. 
  • The food is poured into silicone moulds and chilled as quickly as possible to thicken.  Food is then plated and placed back into the freezer for overnight storage.
  • When ready to serve, individual plates are removed from freezer and reheated, e.g. in a combi-steamer to the prescribed serving temperature.