Cost Savings

Pacojet 2 System

How a Pacojet can help save money

The Pacojet Cooking System enables care catering kitchens on a limited budget to serve fresh, high-quality food for virtually all special dietary needs.

The space-saving Pacojet fits into any kitchen – no construction or structural changes are required. Its operation is simple. All staff can easily be trained to handle the pacotizing and cleaning processes at the touch of a button.

With a Pacojet, you can prepare a smooth, thickened version of your regular meal plan instead of having to prepare a separate meal. Diners with varying dietary needs can enjoy the same meals side-by-side.

The Pacojet offers care-catering kitchens multiple ways to lower costs.

Various meals ready for service at the touch of a button

Time saving

  • Special dietary meals can be prepared and plated during kitchen quiet times for easy regeneration at mealtime.
  • Simple preparation of meal components in the Pacotizing beakers:
    -No need to peel, strain or puree ingredients
    -No pre-cooking needed
    -Minimal preparation – just roughly chop raw ingredients and add liquid
  • Produces 10-15 portions in 4 minutes and 15 litres of pacotized foods including concentrates (if needed in 15 variants) in one hour.
  • No special handling required to maintain HACCP cold chain requirements.
  • Same menu items can be adjusted for special needs diners.
Pacotizing apple peals

No wastage of expensive foodstuffs

  • Same menu, same ingredients purchased.
  • No spoilage (frozen ingredients are pacotized without thawing).
  • All edible parts of ingredients can be pacotized, including fibrous elements such as peels and cores.
  • Fresh foods can be purchased when in season and at lowest cost.
  • Calibrated portions may be individually pacotized as needed (includes decimal portions).
  • Eliminates the need to purchase expensive pre-packaged or industrially processed convenience foods.
Red beet variation

Versatile and multifunctional

  • Can be used in all areas of the kitchen to prepare both regular and special meals (e.g. spice/herbal concentrates, natural soups, desserts and much more).