Business Benefits

Pacotized Beakers

In today’s care institutions, chefs and kitchen managers face multiple challenges:

  • Preparing special meals to meet diverse dietary requirements on top of the regular cooking schedule.
  • Providing consistently high-quality food on a limited budget.
  • Respecting strict hygiene and regulatory requirements.
  • Maximizing the efficiency of kitchen staff during and outside of peak times.

The Pacojet Cooking System is a cost-effective tool that helps care catering kitchens meet these challenges head on.

Proven worldwide for over 20 years as a universal, indispensable tool in all types of gastronomy, the Pacojet Cooking System is now becoming established as essential for care institutions as chefs discover its unique advantages:

Prepare and plate all pureed meals outside of peak times. Simply regenerate for serving.

efficient workflow with Pacojet
  • Unprecedented smooth textures: fresh, natural foods such as peas, spinach, rice, meat or fish etc. are served 100% filament free without the need to sieve.
  • Simple and efficient workflow allows special diet meals to be completely prepared during off-peak hours, plated and stored fresh-frozen for serving on the next day.
  • Added value for regular and special diet meals:
    Intensifies flavour and colour
    Preserves nutrients
    Reduces food waste

In just 2.5 hours, produce 50 special meals (3 components) using a single Pacojet for diners with dysphagia or other eating disorders.


The Pacojet’s ability to prepare special diets with unparalleled quality is putting it on the “most wanted” wish list of care catering chefs today. It produces velvety-smooth textures from even the most fibrous fresh-frozen ingredients without pre-cooking. Even nuts and seeds can produce a feather-light mousse with particles measuring in microns – imperceptible as particles to the human tongue.

The Pacojet Cooking System enables the same high-quality menu for all guests, tailored as required to individual needs.  Organizing a separate menu schedule or a limited selection of convenience products for special needs diners is no longer necessary.